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A Royal Tradition!

The Galette des Rois is made to celebrate Epiphany, which falls on the 12th day of Christmas, January 6.  We think this festive cake may be enjoyed at any time of year!

The base and top are made from flaky puff pastry and the cake is filled with our fabulous creme d'amande.  A feve (favor) is hidden in the cake and whoever finds it in their slice of cake becomes King or Queen for the day!  We include a gold paper crown, as well.

Our Galette des Rois cakes are approximately 12 inches in diameter and serve 10-12 people.

$45.00 each

Note: Available for special order purchase all year long.

Epiphany Cookies (Crowns of Kings)

Our gingerbread cookies will be transformed into Crowns of Kings!  Slightly sweet and definitely spicy, these crispy cookies contain the traditional flavors of molasses, ginger, allspice, cloves and cinnamon.

$4.50 each

Note: By special, pre-order and only during our gingerbread cookie season!