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French Petits Fours

We have made petits fours for many, many years.  Our style is to present small versions of some of our larger pastries.  We do not make a cake-and-icing version...but our own fabulous assortment of one to two-bite delicacies.

Here's a list of our petits fours (although you must call to make sure the items requested are in production, as we do rotate constantly):

Almandine - Raspberry (sweet dough crust, raspberry filling, baked almond filling, glaze, decoration)

Almandine - Blueberry (sweet dough crust, blueberry filling, baked almond filling, glaze, decoration)

Cherry Tartlette (puff dough crust, baked almond cream filling, cherries, glaze, decoration)

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (strawberries dipped in dark chocolate)

Chocolate Cup with Mousse Filling (mini chocolate cups of various shapes and mousse fillings)

Choux – Cream Puff (choux, chocolate filling, raspberry or vanilla mousse, decoration)

Coconut Pineapple Tartlette (sweet dough crust, pineapple, baked coconut filling, decoration)

Éclair au Vanilla (choux, vanilla filling, chocolate fondant glaze)

Éclair au Café (choux, coffee filling, coffee or chocolate fondant glaze)

Éclair au Chocolat (choux, chocolate filling, chocolate fondant glaze)

French Pudding (Brownie) (dark chocolate brownie, decoration)

Fresh Fruit Tartlette (sweet dough crust, pastry cream filling, fresh seasonal fruit, apricot glaze)

Grand Marnier Choux (choux, Grand Marnier cream, powdered sugar)

Key Lime Tartlette (sweet dough crust, baked key lime filling, glaze, decoration)

Lemon Tartlette (sweet dough crust, baked lemon filling, glaze, decoration)

Napoleon (Mille-Feuille) (puff dough crust, pastry cream/whipping cream filling, fondant topping with

feathered design)

Opera (almond genoise, coffee syrup, ganache buttercream, coffee buttercream,

ganache glaze)

Pecan Tartlette (sweet dough crust, baked pecan filling)

Tarte aux Pommes (sweet dough crust, pastry cream, apples, apricot glaze)

Price: $2.50 each ($3.00 each for chocolate cups and opera)

Minimum order: Two Dozen

Please place your order at least three days prior to your event.

Ask Chef Katherine about availability of items.

We also sell tea cookies: plain, dark chocolate chip, pecan cinnamon, hazelnut almond, ganache-filled, langues du chat (plain and dipped), tuilles (plain and dipped).  Call for pricing.